Hi! I'm Iva, the face behind Sirenas del Surf.
I'm from Argentina, but I moved to Ecuador when I realised I belonged to the ocean.
I love to travel the world and know the most as possible, even more if the journey includes a surf spot.
I have a dog, Rocco. He's 10 years old, and travels with me everywhere.
He's the best dog in the world, and I'm decided to cancel my trip if he is not able to go.
Every day I fall deeper in love with surfing and its lifestyle, and I pretend to keep travelling in the search of perfect waves and nice people.
I believe that the feeling of riding a wave is something everyone should experience, that's why I want to share my stories with you and that you share yours with me. So we can laugh, support and advice each other, and enjoy the online surfing when we are not in the water.