5 healthy snacks pre-surf

Hi, chicas!

Do you know what to eat before surfing, without being too full, but enough to have energy for a good session?

Couple of times I went surfing right after eating too much and then I had stomach sore, and other times I was a bit hungry and I didn’t want to feel weak while surfing. So I decided to create this post with 5 healthy snacks pre-surf, easy to do, fast and delicious!

5 healthy snacks pre-surf:


5 snacks saludables pre-surf
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For a thick and power shake, you can use vegetal milk as almond milk, coconut, oats or soy milk, a banana, and another frozen fruit you like. And even a small spoon of peanut butter! Yummy!


5 snacks saludables pre-surf
Coffee is always a good idea.

Coffee is the favorite for almost everyone. Also, caffeine gives you the boost you need to paddle harder! Personally, I like to add almond milk to add consistency.


5 snacks saludables pre-surf
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Bananas give you a fast energy boost and are filled with vitamins and minerals. Bananas are good to avoid muscle cramps because are rich in potasium. You can combine them with a toast and peanut butter! + energy, + delicious!


5 snacks saludables pre-surf
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This option is for those girls that cannot go out without breakfast: a small bowl of cereal is a good source of carbs that will give you enough energy for couple of hours.

Frutos secos: 

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Nuts are considered super foods for their content of fat, protein, fiber, magnesium, iron and B complex vitamins. A portion of almonds, walnuts, chestnuts, raisins and / or hazelnuts can be a perfect snack option before going surfing.

What do you think of these 5 healthy snacks pre-surf?

If you have some suggestions, feel free to leave your comment below!

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