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Hi, mermaids! If you’re thinking to buy a surfboard, here I give you some advices and information to choose your first surfboard properly.

This decision is quite personal, because depends on many factors.

In my case, because I was afraid of large surfboards due to something that happened to me (read it here), I decided to buy a customized surfboard.

A shortboard, 6.0, but pretty wide and thick. It floated as much as a funboard but was light and easy to handle outside and in the water. Was the perfect board for me.

choose your first surfboard
My first surfboard

Before talking about YOUR board, I recommend you to read this post about parts of a surfboard, because are necessary to know to choose yours.

Ok, theory now, in the case you are thinking on your first surfboard, take in mind the followed factors:

  • Your height
  • Your weight
  • Your skilss and/or fitness (how often do you train at the week)
  • Your surf level (beginner, intermediate, advanced)

Dimensions of a surfboard


The lenght of your board is measured from the nose to the tail.
If you are learning, the theory recommends that your board be at least 20 to 40 cm longer than your height.

That would be, approx:
if your height is less than 170 cm, your board should be 6.8″ (203 cm),
if your height is between 170 and 185 cm, your board should be 7.2″ (218 cm),
and if yoir height is more than 185 cm, your board should be 7.6″ (229 cm).

Also, you need to consider your weight, to determine the volume of the boards in litters. The volume in litters, for beginners, is recommended at least 36 litters.
That would be determined by the lenght, width and thickness.



The width of the board is measured from rail to rail (edge to edge), and the wider your board be, more stable will be, thereby, will be easier to stand up and ride your waves. 🙂
For beginners the width recommended is 19 to 22 inches.



The thicknes determines the flotability. The thicker your board is, more will float and you’ll have more stability to stand up. And also, the waves pushed you more easily (you’ll have to paddle less).
I recommend the thickness of your board be of 2 to 3 inches.

As well, we said that we need to take in mind the fitness or skills. If you already are a sportsgirl or you are easy learner, you can be more flexible with the measures when choosing your first surfboard.

The important thing is that you feel confortable, and your board allows you to catch many waves as possible. The more waves you catch, more you practice, faster you learn and more you have fun!

choose your first surfboard
When there are no waves, but you want to use your new surfboard!

I wish this post helps you to choose your first surfboard.

For me, at first, was hard to understand some terminology, and for what was each thing.
I didn’t pay much attention to that, I only wanted to surf. So, I trusted in my surf friends’s advices and the result was the perfect board for me!

If you have questions or something was not clear, don’t hesitate to ask me on the comments!


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