Hello, girls! A little while ago I met Ade, for me, the only woman I know who does body surf in Ecuador. My first reaction was: How cool! 🤙🏽

I confess that on another occasion I’d have thought:
-Oh no, it’s going to ‘steal’ all the waves!
Because that is the classic surfer thought, there is a rivalry between surfers and bodyboarders that takes away all the beautiful energy of surfing.

A while ago I learned to have fun and take a more ‘Free surfer’ and friendly stance. That’s why the fact of meeting a “boogie” woman in the lineup now transmits joy and admiration to me.

So many questions came to mind and I decided to do an interview to Ade.
So you get to know her and have a vision of bodyboarding, a sport very similar to surfing but always on the belly and with fins on the feet.

Also to invite all the bodyboarder women out there to join our community of Surf Mermaids, since, after all, you are the ones who wear a mermaid tail to catch the waves!

Surf and Body Surf, eternal rivals?

What’s your name and where are you from?

My name is Adeline, but I say Adelina in Spanish because it’s easier for Ecuadorians to understand! 😄

I’m from France and I have lived in Olón for 9 months, and hopefully for a long time.

female body surf
Adeline, Bodysurfer and yogui. @ade_hr

How do you feel being one of the few female bodyboarders in Ecuador?

I feel a bit lonely, haha, although I also share with the surfers.

I would like to find more female bodyboarders here to share our techniques and feelings.

How did you decide to start body surfing?

Before coming to Ecuador, I had been living in Canada (Montreal) for 5 years, and I missed the ocean a lot. So when I arrived in Ecuador, I jump into the opportunity to start surfing again (I used to surf when I was a student at the French Atlantic coast)!

Bodyboarding had always attracted me, because in France, where I come from, it’s a very well known sport because there are several French world champions, so I thought that living in Olon was the opportunity to start.

Do you surf board too? If so, what differences do you find, which one do you like the most?

Yes, I surf longboard too, especially when the waves are smaller.
I love them both! I feel more comfortable and in my comfort zone in bodyboarding, specially when the waves are very big I feel safe, so I have more fun.

Surfing is more challenging for me, so I practice when conditions seem perfect, hahaha.

What would you say to other girls to encourage them to practice this sport?

I would say that this sport is very accessible to everyone. You can have fun right from the begining, and that gives you a lot of confidence to progress quickly.

Adeline, Bodysurfer and yogui. @ade_hr

What have you learned in these months about body surf and the ocean?

Surfing and bodyboarding give me a lot of strength and self-confidence. However, I have learned to be humble while practicing, because every day is different, every wave is different, and every place is different. You always have to be aware and careful when surfing.

Do you feel that it complements you in other aspects of your life?

Surfing allows me to reinforce that closeness to nature that I seek.

It’s very important for my mental health, although sometimes I feel very sad to see the ocean and the beach full of garbage.

It is a bit personal to tell you this, but I suffer a lot from ecological anxiety and being so close to nature can sometimes do me both good and bad, when every day you face the reality of our sick ocean…

Also since I am a yoga teacher and I practice a lot, surfing is an ideal complement for me because it improves breathing, strengthens cardio and develops certain muscles that allow more advanced postures. Yoga allows me to warm up but also to stretch after surfing.

What do you think of the rivalry between surfing and body surf?

I honestly do not understand at all people who adopt this rival attitude. For me, the important thing is to share the connection that we all (surfers, bodyboarders, kitesurfers, etc.) have with the ocean and the waves.

Surfers sometimes ask me why I body surf and not surf when they see me bodyboarding, as if they consider it less good, but I don’t give it too much importance.

What do you do or would you do in a situation where someone treats you badly for winning a wave? (Bodyboarders are known to catch waves easier because of the fins on the feet)

I have to admit that this scares me a bit.

I mainly surf in Olón now, and here people are very calm about this. But I am already dreading the moment when I surf in more crowded places, like the French Basque Country! I think that when it happens I will let it go, because I don’t like to talk much at sea anyway, much less get angry!

How beautiful is surfing!
Thank you Ade for sharing your story, and thanks a lot to you for reading the blog!

I invite you to share your comments below 👇🏼 and share this post in social media!

Big hug,
Iva. 🧜🏽‍♀️

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