Hello, mermaids! In this post I share with you the most common and some funny surf phrases we all say.
And if you are getting into the surf world, become familiar and add it to your surfer vocabulary. ツ


Just one more.

How many times we say that? Haha!
I use to say it when I’m already tired and I want to go out riding a wave.
And many times, the wave is so good, that I come back for another one. ツ



When there is no wind and the water is like a mirror. Is the perfect condition to surf, the one we all dream.

Where is the exit?

When you arrive to a spot you don’t know, this is one of the common questions.
And is important. If you don’t want to happen to you what happened to me, when I surfed in Galapagos.



When all the conditions align perfectly. ❤

surf phrases
Photo: Iva

The set is coming!

When you hear someone saying this, better you’d paddle out. Either to catch the wave or avoid to be eaten by it!


I need more wax.

Usefull excuse after falling from a perfect wave.


At what time is the low tide?

Or high, as well. Depending on the surf spot, the waves work in high or low tide.
That basically means: at what time are we going surfing?


It was choppy:

This word is the opposite to glassy. It’s when the sea is choppy and we don’t like it at all.


Are you Goofy or Regular?

This phrase is one of the first we do when we make a new surf friend. ❤
It relates to the feet position standing on the board.


It was too crowded.

Nobody likes too many people surfing in the same spot.


Thank you for reading me! I hope you liked this post about surf phrases.

If you have more in mind, tell me in the comments!

Big hug,

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