seguridad en el surf

Hi, girls! Today I would like to share with you some surf safety rules.

Like I narrate in other stories, I’ve had some incidents in my surf learning process. For instance, when I was hit by the surfboard on my face (if you like to read this story, click here.)

That would not have happened to me if I would have followed the rule number 2.


Surf Safety Rules:

  1. Be aware of your surf level:
    Everyone knows what they’re capable of doing. It’s about being realistic so as not to endanger ourselves or others.
    If you are a beginner and you still don’t know how to control or handle the surfboard, stay away from others in the case you lose your surfboard.
    Neither go into a beach you don’t know the peak, everyone knows if they should stay on the white water or if it’s ready to go to the peak. It depends also on the day (swell, currents, wind, etc.)
surf safety
With my friend Ido, following the rules 1 y 2:
Good distance between us, and with the boards on a side.
Photo: Itzi ❤ – @itziarportuondo
  1. Never place the surfboard between you and the wave:
    Especially, if you are learning and you go and come carrying your board, remember to place it at your left or right.
    Never between the wave and you, because you can be hit by the board when the wave comes in.
  1. When you fall off the board, try to fall light, like a leaf, never with your head or feet straight to the water. You can hurt yourself with the bottom.
  1. Cover your head when you fall into the water.
  1. Always wear the leash: so, you won’t stay in the water without your surfboard.
  1. Respect the priority.
surf safety
Priority vs. Friendship ❤
Illustration: Robin Lanei – @robinlanei_art
  1. When you come back to the peak, do it out of the way of other surfers. If you have to cross by the wave breaking, you have to. But never cross by the clean wave that someone comes surfing on (this rule is still hard to me.) ㋡
surf safety
Never on the way of other surfer!
Illustration: Robin Lanei – @robinlanei_art
  1. Communicate.
    Shout out if you go or not, or on which side you go.
  1. Warm up before the surf sesion and stretch after it.
  1. Keep hydrated.

I hope you liked these advices and you can apply them, soon in the water!


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