Hi, Mermaids! Today I’m going to talk about different types of surfboards and its parts.
This information is important to understand in what consist each part, at the time to choose your first surfboard.

When I chose mine, I wanted to have the most beautiful. But, most of the times, the most cool is not the right one for us.
Personally, I wanted a fish, I loved the fish tail (or mermaid 😊) and the different fish models that exist.
At the end, I chose a board with nose and tail rounded, and that was what helped me to learn to surf faster.
Let’s see below why:

Parts of a Surfboard:


Is the part that faces forward (being belly on the board.)

There are different shapes of nose, can be rounded or pointed.
Rounded have more surface, therefore, are more stable.
The hybrids are a mix between rounded and pointed, and are also stable. But if you are an intermediate or advanced surfer, this nose will complicate the manoeuvrability.
And the pointed are, in general, for advanced surfers. With this tip is easier to duck dive.


The nose also have a curvature or rocker, that depending on how steep are, plays a different role.

If the rocker is flat, will be a faster surfboard but harder to handle. If you are learning, I recommend you this one, because you don’t need to focus on turn or handle. For now! 😉

If the rocker is sharp, in other words, the nose is pointing upward, will be a very manoeuvrable surfboard but slower.


Let’s continue with the middle, the soul or stringer.

Soul of the surfboard:

Is a line that passes through the middle of the board, from the nose all along to the tail. Sometimes is not visible, depending on the color or material of your board. But inside is there, mainly made from wood, and makes the board more stiffness, avoiding it breaks or bend.

There are also surfboards without soul.


The rails:

Are the edges of the board and run at the sides, from the nose to the tail. The rails help us to hold and provide direction to the board. Also the rails are in contact with the face of the wave.

So you can get barreled! 🤍

There are in different shapes and thickness.
But, basically, if the rails are higher the board will float more, if are curved, will be easier to carry, and if the rails are more rounded the board will be more stable.



Is at the back of the board.
There are squared, rounded or squash, totally rounded, fish, pintail, diamond.


In general, much wider is the tail, most suitable will be for small waves. Also, having more area on the back side, will float more and will be easier to paddle.



The fins are those pieces that look like a shark’s fin.
The role of the fins is guide the water that pass beneath the board, in other words, are like the helms of the board, will provide stability.

There are different types and materials, can be fixed or removable. And can be one large, two symmetrical or until five.


Leash and leash plug:

The leash is the cable that links the board to us. It has a velcro that goes on our leg and in the other tip it links to the board by a plug and a smaller rope.

Types of Surfboards:

Nowadays, there are many models of surfboards, but above there are some basics to have an idea.

In the post: how to choose your first surfboard, I give you some tips to combine the type of the board and its parts, so you can have your perfect board.

These are some models of surfboards I love:

Serra Surfboards

Valerie Duprat & Marissa Quinn Surfboard

Roxy Pop Surf Collection

Nusa Indah Surfboards

Pierson Shapes

Hope you liked this post about parts and types of surfboards and you can have yours soon!


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