cuando no podemos surfear

Hi, girls! Decided to compilate some options to do when we cannot surf, because living in the midst of a pandemic, we know that beaches closed are a sad and real possibility. Closed beach for any activity, including surf.

This is one of the worst news a surfer can get; in the last few weeks I´ve witnessed the back and forth of negotiations that require to go to the beach or the dreadful moment the police arrive to get all surfers and beach goers out of the water. 

I also know the frustration that not being close to the ocean can cause, most of my life I spent it living near the mountains. 

So let’s make the best of it,  shall we.

What alternatives do we have when we cannot surf? 

  1. Inspiration: Surfing movies (link to post) is always a way to cheer up. My favorite (documentary in this case) these days is Resurface. I haven’t seen it yet, but the documentary Girl’s can’t surf is first on my list
  2. Training: There is a series of training that will help to get our body in shape for the moment we get back in the water. They say swimming is the best option, however we are not all within reach of a swimming pool. There are a series of videos on Youtube, from HIIT to yoga and stretches. I am particularly fan of Yoga with Adriene and the stretches from Bodhi Surf + Yoga
  3. Curiosity in surf: Surf is an ancestral practice, full of history beyond what we see today. There are some videos explaining its history or if you want to go further and read about the relationship between humans and the ocean, one of the books that explores that is Blue Mind
historia del surf

4. Balance Board: Trendy accessories at the moment, Balance boards are definitely a motivator outside of the water for those that start to practice surfing and work on their balance. There are several brands and workouts that you can find on Youtube. 

cuando no podemos surfear

These are some of the options to keep in mind when we cannot surf, of course always looking for a way to go back to the sea or the beaches reopen.

Happy surfing! 

Un abrazo,

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