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🤙🏽 everyone! My name is Carolina and I will be sharing with you on the blog, starting with this post about that we can all have a bad day surfing the ocean waves or either the waves of life.

Even though I still struggle to pop up on the board, I really enjoy surfing. Nothing compares to the speed on the board once the wave breaks, the calm at sea while you wait for a wave between heats, and the sensation of walking barefoot on the sand. 

clase de surf

But there are those days where maybe you had a slump the night before with bad news or you are not in optimal physical condition. Maybe the thoughts can’t stop in your mind.

You’re in the water and your head is spinning, a more experienced surfer stares at you with not friendly face . And at that moment you realize that the impossible happened: the water is not that immediate antidote to your bad mood and you cannot disconnect from the hustle and bustle of day to day.

Obviously, the intention with which we go surfing dictates what it will be like, regardless of the weather. Sometimes the frustration of not being able to improve the technique, not being able to pop up on the board or just having a bad day affects us.

a bad day surfing

Something I can tell you in my short time surfing, is that it doesn’t matter if you go upset, a surf session will change you to a better mood, even if the change is less than what you usually experience.

What to do in a bad day surfing?

  • Focus on the sea: beyond doing it to improve your mood, you need to be PRESENT at the sea, it is crucial to avoid accidents. Focus on the color of the water, how each wave feels. If you are not feeling well, better get out to a quieter area or stay on the shore and watch.
  • Let your thoughts go away: like sea foam or clouds … Let them pass, don’t pay too much attention to them.
  • If necessary, get out of the sea: sitting on the shore, and looking at the waves is a good exercise to get to know the sea.
  • Inhale and focus on one intention for this day: it may be “I am at the right time and place.”

A bad day surfing or not, we all have it, but the wonder of the sea is that it gives us the opportunity to improve it. And these days, surfing is usually the exception rather than the rule.

Thanks for being here, if you like, share in the comments a similar experience or just what you think about those bad days.

Happy surfing!


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