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Sirenas del Surf: a Surfer’s Shop for women

Welcome to Sirenas Surfers Shop, an online store where you will find accessories and items for women who love the ocean, the beach and especially for surfers.
The products are carefully designed, with the most creative and fun illustrations and with materials that are as friendly to the environment as possible. You will be able to find many goods that surfers love.

Surf Accessories

Find accessories such as cloth bags, cell phone cases, mugs and many more items that will accompany you on your day at the beach.

A Surf Store with meaning

Behind this surf shop is a surfer who wants the best for other women, whether they are surfers or ocean lovers. The idea is that you feel comfortable with any of our products, you feel included in our community and any woman can wear our products. We are body positive, love inclusive sizes and respect for the female gender.

On Demand Surf Shop

We are an on-demand surf shop, this means that the products are created at the moment you place your order. This makes us an environmentally friendly surf shop, since the massive and unnecessary production is avoided. That is why you need to have in mind that our products will take just a little longer since their creation process begins the day you confirm your purchase, and to this, you must add the conventional days of delivery.

Online Surf Shop: Ecuador & worldwide

Sirenas del Surf is an Online Surf Store with some products available for Ecuador and others Worldwide. Because some of our manufacturers are located in Ecuador and shipments abroad are almost impossible to achieve, so check the product description to see if what you like to order is available in your country or not. Thank you for the patience!