Womens Surf Trips


Women’s Surf Trip

with Sirenas del Surf


If you always dreamed about to travel
to South America,

Surf uncrowded waves,

and connect with new sisters that share
your same passions and values…

Sirenas offer the best personalized Women’s Surf Trips in Ecuador!

We love that everyone feels comfortable, whether you want a quiet trip and surf whenever you want or,
 if you are a non stop girl that likes to surf
at first light in the morning, and afterwards explore every corner of Ecuador and other adventures.

What’s included in our Surf Trips for Women?

Your days in our surfer’s paradise will be filled with good vibes,

jungle adventures, trekking, yoga,

free diving, virgin beaches, healthy food,

and a simple life that will disconnect you from the world.

join us

Why this
surf trip for women is different than the others?

Because you will have a group of surf girls guiding

you from the moment you book this experience, 

that will become your friend and support 

whenever you need! 

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welcome to our paradise

Why Ecuador?

Ecuador is a beautiful country, with a very diverse nature
in its 4 regions, 
but being a small country they are very close to each other.
This means that in a few hours you can go from the mountains
to the coast or to the Amazon!

Why planning a
women surf trip to Ecuador with your friends or solo?


It’s a country that offers an overview of South America’s culture, language and gastronomy.

How do you know if our women surf trips
are for you?


Whether you’ve never surfed before, or you are intermediate or advanced surfer, we have different options for everyone!

What about
the surf lessons and
surf guiding?


Our surf packages are designed with surf lessons for beginners, and surf guiding in different spots for intermediate and advanced surfers.

What other surfers say about Sirenas del Surf?

Kamila, from Slovakia
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“Thank you Iva, Sirenas del Surf so much for an amazing week, and the best start of my travels, here in Ecuador. You, for sure, made my stay in Ecuador more memorable and I can feel more secure in the country from now on. Your personal approach in the ocean made the surf lessons very improving. 🙂 Recommend Sirenas 1000000%“.
Jessica, from Spain
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“Una maravilla de profesora de surf y una excelente persona. Cogí su paquete de 15 días y fue la mejor decisión de mi vida. Todo organizado al detalle con mucho cariño. Además de surfear, me enseño distintos lugares. Una combinación de 10!!! Sin duda, repetiré seguro !! Gracias por tanto, Iva!!!“
Svenja, from Germany
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“Iva is a wonderful surf instructor and person. I felt very comfortable and safe with her all the time. Thanks to Iva I dared to be confident in the water. Without her, my first surfing experience would not have been so great. I recommend her 100% and hope to take more lessons with her. Thank you so much for everything!“

Surf Trips for Women

Relevant information

about your arrival in Ecuador:

We recommend you to book your flight  to Guayaquil airport: Jose Joaquin de Olmedo.  Since is the closest airport to the coast, and this way we can help you with the transfer if you decide to hire it. 

If your flight arrives at night, you can book a stay in Guayaquil and travel de next day.

Las Tunas town is 3 hours from Guayaquil by car.

about the surfboards

If you a re a beginner surfer, we have longboards and funboards available. Both soft tops and fiber.

If you are an intermediate or advanced surfer, we recommend you to bring your own surfboard, since we have a few short boards options.

about the weather and waves in ecuador

Ecuadorian seasons vary in terms of the region. In our coastal region, we have 2 seasons: 

Sunny days and north swell perfect waves, with amazing sunsets and warm water from December till May.

Drizzling season, more cloudy and chilly but with its own magic: we can see the humpback whales jumping, bioluminescence and we still have waves to surf all year. This is from June till December.

what's the currency in Ecuador?

The currency is the US Dolar, we recommend you to bring change in small bills: 5, 10, 20.

Ecuador is a quiet cheap country so in small shops they do not accept 50 or 100 dolar bills.

do i need a wetsuit to surf in ecuador?

High season: hell no! Just your bikini!

Low season (June to November): Yes, 2-3 mm short legs wetsuit is fine

how long are the surf trips for women?

You can choose the days you want to stay in Ecuador. 

We have one or two weeks packages, but if you decide to stay longer we can customize it for you.

Surf Trips for Women: All you need to know

Why booking a surf trip with us, as a woman, is your best choice?

When you decide to plan your surf trip, there are several things to keep in mind. And what you want most besides surfing, is to know new places and that the people you meet and accompany you on that trip are in your same vibe.

At Sirenas del Surf you will be accompanied by happy people, who like the simple life on the beach and surfing. Your main guide in this surf adventure will be Iva, the founder and Surf instructor. But you will also be accompanied by the hosts and volunteers of our surf house, yoga teachers and local tour guides depending on the surf package you decide to book.

Our surf trips are designed with love and personalized for different types of experiences, whether you want to just dedicate yourself to surfing, or if you work remotely and want a quiet place with good internet and waves all year round just a few steps from your room, or if you want to know Ecuador in detail and sign up for all the available tours for a complete adventure.

We also care about your level of surfing, so if you have never taken surf lessons this is the best opportunity to start. If you are a beginner but have already taken classes, we will make sure that you progress every day and try different surfboards on different beaches. And if you are an intermediate or advanced surfer, we will also show you different spots in Ecuador where  you can slide on left or right waves.

Women’s Surf Trips: The experience

About your expectations and main goals on this women's surf trip

We would love to be part of your achievements. Whether your main goal is to learn to stand on the board for the first time, or to be able to ride a green wave to the right or left, or even to improve your technique on faster waves, we are here to have fun with you on our surf guiding service.

If in addition to surfing you want to immerse yourself in a beautiful and Latin culture such as the Ecuadorian culture is, you are in the right place. In this surf trip prepared for women and made by women, we want you to get to know the gastronomy, the secret spots, the slang of Ecuador and its fun transportation between spots with salsa music out loud so that you feel the warmth of Latin America.

Women Surf Trip: What you need to bring

What things to pack for a surf trip for women in Ecuador:

When we plan a surf trip or vacation to another country or even a city, we must think about all the things that we are going to need when we arrive in that new place, and those that we will use during the entire stay.

It is very common to pack more than we need, and we want you to travel as comfortable and lightly as possible, but do not forget anything you may need.

1. Visas and travel documents for your surf trip:

Ecuador is a fairly flexible country regarding visas, most countries do not require a prior visa application.

If you are from South America you can travel to Ecuador with your identity card or passport and when you enter they will give you between 3 and 6 months of tourism per year.

For countries in Europe, Oceania and North America they have 3 months of tourism per year.

And the countries that require a prior visa to enter Ecuador are: Afghanistan, Angola, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Cuba, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, India, Iraq, Kenya, Libya, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Senegal, Syria, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Venezuela

Covid’19 Situation: Entry to Ecuador for people over 3 years old must show a vaccination certificate against COVID-19 with at least 14 days validity, or the negative result of an RT-PCR test carried out up to 72 hours prior to boarding to Ecuador.

2. Packing clothes for surf and travel to Ecuador:

Okay, this is more interesting and fun than documents, what to bring in terms of clothes, wetsuits, shoes, coats.

Ecuador has two seasons, a colder one and a very warm one.

In the hot season from December to April we recommend that you bring light clothes such as shorts, tees, sandals or flip flops, sunglasses, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, a hat, swimsuits and perhaps a rashguard to protect you from the sun and friction with the surfboard.

If you come in the whale season, this is from june to november, it will be a little cloudier and with some drizzle. The water temperature is quite warm all year round but there may be cooler days. We recommend you to bring the same as for the hot season and also 1 or 2 long but light pants, a sweater or hoodie, and 2 or 3 mm wetsuit that can be with short legs but long sleeves.

Women Surf Trips in Ecuador: Is it safe?

Solo female travel in Ecuador: Safety Surf Trip

Ecuador is a small country where you can feel safe and at home. As an Argentinian expat in Ecuador, and founder of Sirenas del Surf, I can tell you that, since I arrived in Ecuador I have had that sense of belonging.

My home away from home. I have been living in Ecuador for about 10 years now, and it is the best decision I ever made.

Even if you don’t speak the language, many people in Ecuador speak English and they are kind and will be happy to help you. Of course, always trust in your intuition and be aware of weirdos, like in every city or country in the world.

Also if you book a surf trip with us, you don’t need to worry about this because we will be on your side all the time. We can arrange transfers and pick you up at the airport or bus terminal, and show you all the tricks and tips to have a nice and safe journey.

Do you have more questions for your next women’s surf trip?