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ecuador as a surfing destination

Ecuador is a great surf destination for every surfer
that dreams with uncrowded waves and tropical water. 

Ecuador surfing Season

Ecuador has good waves all year round.
But from December till April is considered high season, with north swells, warm water and amazing sunsets.

The low season from May to November is also nice, we still have waves, the water gets bit colder but not less than 68 F.
In this season the magic is on the humpback whales visit and bioluminescence from the Humboldt current.

Ecuador Surf Spots

surf in montañita, ecuador

Montañita is a bohemian-party village, well known for its good waves in “La Punta”:  a point break with perfect rights and reef bottom.

Montañita is located 40 minutes from Las Tunas.

Surf in Las Tunas

If you rather to stay out of the beaten path, uncrowded waves, Las Tunas is your Spot.

More about surfing in Ecuador

surf hostel ecuador

Ecuador counts with a great diversity of hotels, hostels and B&Bs al along the Pacific Coast.

Check the Forecast in Las Tunas for your next Surf Trip to Ecuador!

Ecuador Surfing Destination

Plan your Ecuador Surf Trip: the guide

Ecuador is still not a very well known surf destination, and that, as we all know, is a good thing. Although this country is growing little by little, we have very good surf spots that are still empty or with just few people on the water. Every surfer’s dream!

The Ecuadorian coast is bordered by the Pacific Ocean from north to south, this means, there are hundreds of surf spots available in all directions. Some work best with north swells and others with south or southwest swells.

This is awesome! Because depending on the season, there are always waves!

Ecuador Surf Season

When to plan a trip to Surf in Ecuador

The best time to surf in Ecuador is from December to April. The north swells make the waves pump every day, the water is extremely warm thanks to ”El niño” courrent, and is mostly glassy every day. Not to talk about the amazing sunsets!

During the night there’s tropical heavy rain, but during the day the sun is shining and everything turns green. Also the mosquitos come to visit. Be sure to bring repellent.

On the other hand, the low season is from May to November, and is usually windy and the waves can be choppy. BUT if you are a real surfer and go for down patrol, mornings are glassy most of the time… So, better you surf early or you won’t surf at all!

This season can be a bit colder, not what cold is for other countries, but this season is known as: “garúa” that means: drizzle. The water temperature descends a bit and the humpback whales and big manta rays come to visit the Ecuadorian coastline. Magical!

Surf in Ecuador: Currency and how to get to Ecuador

Airports and money for your Ecuador Surf Trip

Ecuador has 2 international airports, one in Guayaquil and one in the capital, Quito.

Guayaquil Airport is called: “Jose Joaquin de Olmedo”, and is the closest to the coast. If you arrive here, you can take a bus or rent a car to the closest beach, one hour away: Playas de Villamil.

In addition, there are many other spots 2 and 3 hours away, among these is Las Tunas, our favorite.

The good thing about Guayaquil’s airport is that it is in the middle of the city, so in 5 minutes you can be at the bus station or rent a car.

The airport in Quito is called: “Mariscal Sucre” and it is a good option if you want to go to the northern beaches, perfect for longboarders. Like Mompiche, a spot with a dreamy long left wave.

What you should keep in mind is that the airport in Quito is on the outskirts of the city, about 45 minutes by car. You can take a taxi or urban bus to the bus station, or rent a car.

The closest beach to Quito is about 5 hours away.

Regarding the currency, Ecuador has been a dollarized country for more than 20 years, but as it is a country with a relatively low cost of living, we recommend you bring small bills, that is, $5, $10 and $20 bills.

You can only change the $50 and $100 bills in large supermarkets and banks.

There are ATMs in almost all towns and small cities, but always make sure to look on the maps if the town where you are going to stay has it, and if not, surely the nearest city does.

Ecuador Surf Towns

Cities and Ecuador Surfing villages that are a must

There are plenty of surf spots in Ecuador but here is a list of our favorites from north to south:


As we mentioned before, this little fishing village is charming and has a perfect left wave. It is a good spot for those who are learning to surf or like longboarding. Also at low tide and if conditions allow it can make barrels.


This little town is warm almost all year round since it is very close to the equator. It is a very large beach break, with waves for everyone. It has a great beach with soft sand and a nice vibe. The surf community is small so everyone knows each other, and you can surf all year round. From September to November there can be strong onshore winds, making it a good place to paraglide.

Las Tunas and Ayampe:

These two towns share the same beach and their waves are similar. Both share some islets that keep a mythical legend: Los Ahorcados.

These two beach breaks have waves all year long, as we mentioned before, the low season can be windy but it is almost always glassy early morning.

Being very consistent, if the swell exceeds 5 feet it may be too big and the waves will close out.


Olon is a beach break that is located next to the famous town Montañita, its waves are friendly when the swell is middle and the town is quieter, there is not as much partying as in Montañita.


Engabao is one of the many spots that belongs to Playas de Villamil. It is a fishing port with a fairly fast right-hand point, and there is also a beach break area. This lonely town has no supermarket or ATM, just a few local shops and some hostels for surfers. Highly recommended to disconnect and surf every day. Really, if you don’t surf, I don’t know what you will do here.

Engabao it’s sunny all year round.

Surf in Ecuador: Conclusion

If you are planning a surf trip to a cheap, remote, and warm country, Ecuador is your best option. As we said, you have surfing all year round, but if you’re looking to escape the northern winter, December to April is the best season in Ecuador.

Ecuador is easy to travel to, people are nice, there are plenty of hostels and accommodation, the food is great, and..

Uncrowded waves!

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