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Ayampe Surfing Destination

All you need to know about this Surfing Village

Ayampe is a small town located in the south of the province of Manabí, about 5 minutes from Las Tunas. In fact, these two surf towns share the same beach, you can walk at low tide from Las Tunas to Ayampe. A walk for pleasure during the sunset or a great exercise for runners!

Both towns are located next to the Chongón-Colonche mountain range. What makes them special, since they have a microclimate where the sunny beach is combined with a cloudy forest behind, depending on the season. While surfing, you can appreciate the beautiful landscapes on both sides: to the west, the sunset in the middle of two mythical islets and to the east, the green mountains bathed by this cloud forest.

Ayampe is a quiet town that is called: “a place of rest”. Despite is growing very fast, there are established rules to continue maintaining that calm vibe. 

This little town is very charming, there are many hostels of all prices, and a variety of restaurants and cafes. All the constructions are made mostly of bamboo and wood, which makes this town aesthetically beautiful and cozy.

Ayampe Surf Women Community

Are you looking to join a Community of Women that love surfing and the ocean?
You are more than welcome to join us for surf sessions in Las Tunas, very close to Ayampe.

Las Tunas is a very relaxed and wild spot with uncrowded waves. 🌊

Join us just for Surfing along or Surf Lessons if you need!

Sunset Surf Sessions

Ayampe Surf Spot

About Ayampe's Surfing Conditions:

Ayampe, like Las Tunas, is a very long beach break, with powerful waves and barrels at low tide and softer and mellow waves at high tide.

When the swell is small and during high tide, the waves are excellent for longboards, but when the swell reaches more than 5 feet you can get barreled with your shortboard in “La Patera”.

All levels of surfing are suitable at this beach, even when the swell is big, beginners can stay in the white wash practicing.

However, pay attention to the red flags and lifeguards suggestions as there are areas with strong rip currents.

Ayampe is a surfer and yogi place, there are several places to rent boards, plenty of yoga schools and rituals such as temazcales, cacao therapy, reiki, etc.

Little by little Ayampe is growing and more and more people are seen in the water, that’s why we prefer Las Tunas as our official Surf Spot. Uncrowded waves! But it’s always nice to take a walk through Ayampe. We love it!

Surf Crowd:

In high season (December-April) is becoming more and more crowded over the years. In low season is empty!

Sirenas del Surf: Embrace the Waves in Serenity

If you rather learning to surf in a tranquil and uncrowded paradise, Las Tunas spot offers the perfect environment for surf enthusiasts of all levels to catch their first wave or refine their skills.

Why Sirenas del Surf?

1. Uncrowded Waves: With fewer surfers, you’ll have more space to practice and enjoy the waves at your own pace. Say goodbye to overcrowded lineups and hello to open waters.

2. Certified Instructors: Our experienced instructors are passionate about sharing their love for surfing. They provide personalized guidance and support to ensure you learn and progress quickly.

3. Idyllic Setting: Surrounded by natural beauty, Sirenas del Surf provides the ideal backdrop for your surf journey. Crystal-clear waters, lush landscapes, and stunning sunsets await.

4. Safety First: Your safety is our priority. We provide top-notch surf equipment and follow strict safety protocols to ensure a worry-free learning experience.

5. Community Vibe: Connect with like-minded surfers and create lasting memories. Sirenas del Surf fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among surf enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a beginner or looking to elevate your skills, Sirenas del Surf offers the ultimate escape for a peaceful and fulfilling surfing adventure. Join us and discover the joy of riding the waves in this hidden slice of paradise.

Ayampe Surf Season

High season for Surfing in Ayampe: December to April

The high season, called winter, is influenced by the swells from the north and offers perfect waves on both sides the right and left. The water becomes very warm and the beaches fill with sand.

This season is characterized by sudden tropical rains, followed by sunny days, very green plants and birds singing everywhere.

The average temperature this season is 78 F.

And the low season, from May to November, is a bit grayer and colder but there are always waves. These months we have the Humboldt current, which brings south and southwest swells, there is usually more wind, fog and drizzle, thanks to the microclimate created by the Colonche mountain range.

Also, in this season you will see more stones by the beach, originally from Ayampe River. The average temperature is 19 F, but the water is never less than 75 F,

Ayampe is a very consistent spot, so there is always a wave, but if you want perfect and glassy waves, take advantage of the sunrise and sunset session.

What to do in Ayampe Surf Town

Ayampe: Surf and Yoga paradise

As we said before, this town is a paradise for those who are surfers and yoguis. There are plenty of places to take a yoga lesson, either morning or sunset.

You can also take surf lessons or rent a board and go on your own.

Ayampe Surf Schools:

  • Surfa el Point
  • Otra Ola Surf school
  • Aloha Surf School

Ayampe Yoga Lessons:

  • Ayampe Yoga
  • Otra Ola: Yoga ans Spanish lessons
  • Wild Child Village

Surf, eat, chill, repeat in Ayampe

There are plenty of restaurants and healthy food for everyone.

  • From Italian food in Los Orishas, to a Sushibar in Selvamar.
  • Healthy snacks and poke bowls in Soak Deli and ArteSano Ayampe.
  • French Bakery in Oh la lá

After Surfing in Ayampe: relax

Mauli Wellness Spa is the first one in ayampe and counts with great massagists and a hot tub where they offer coconut water and chocolates as a souvenir. Totally recommended!

beautiful sunset in ayampe surf town with the mystery islands

Ayampe Surf and other outdoor activities: Ayampe River

You can walk along the Ayampe River to its slope, enjoying the landscapes, birds and flora. You can also swim in this river full of rounded stones and quartz that will balance your energies.

Many times when the rains increase and the tides change with the moon, the Ayampe River connects with the Pacific Ocean. You can slide in a kayak from the river basin to the sea!

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