Surf Sisters

about this team of surf sisters

Sirenas del Surf

Sirenas del Surf came up as a blog,
and slowly created community between women that live permanent and travelers that pass by our surf town.
Now Sirenas receive women who want to Surf from all
around the world,
with different cultures, languages and all ages!

welcome to our surf sisters community

Why Sirenas del Surf?

Sirenas del surf, in spanish means, Surf Mermaids. Mermaids are mythical sea creatures, known for having a distinct beauty and also a beautiful and melodiuos singing.

In the ocean, many living creatures communicate by the sound and vibrations. The whales, for example, have their singing and they communicate thousands of kilometers away.

I like that analogy on Sirenas del Surf, we are creatures able to communicate with in the language of the ocean. Creating genuine bonds with love, free of envy or competition.

No matter where you are from, what language you speak and what is your culture, I’d like to promote the fellowship, fraternity, support and fun between beautiful women that love surfing and beach life.

I want to share with you an unique and memorable experience, creating quality friendships, surf sisters, friends for life, with whom we may partake our passions, like surfing.

Our Team

founder and surf instructor

Hi! My name is Ivana, but you can call me Iva.

I am from Argentina, and I have been living in Ecuador for about 9 years now. 

My passions are surfing and travel the world with my best companion: my dog, Rocco.

When I first came to Ecuador, I got this belonging feeling. I fell in love with its beaches, warm water and nice people.

So I decided to moved to this beautiful country. After few years I got the surfing bug and never looked back.

And when I learned to surf, there were few women on the water and I was scared many times,
that’s why I decided to create this community for women that surf.

And that they feel supported, because we all have been in that scary ocean situation.

Since that, I started to give surf lessons,
and many of my students where scared the first minutes,
but afterwards we ended up laughing and enjoying the ocean.

I remember almost all the happy faces of my students catching their first big wave,
and that makes me happy too.

Also I like to share this beautiful country and secret surf spots to other surfer girls.

Come to visit!

Big Hug,
Iva. 💛

What other people say about us

Mermaids on board


yoga teacher

Hi! I’m Rache from Canada, but right now I am living on the coast of Ecuador, pursuing a little bit of what makes my heart glow.

I have found a passion in living a slower life and trying to create my days to include the things that leave a smile.

Yoga came into my life after a serious brain injury and helped me heal myself and understand the connection between the body, mind, and present awareness.

Surf came into my life as a surprise. I have always been into adrenaline sports, but after my brain injury I didn’t think it was possible. But if you take things slow and with thoughtfulness and determination – you can make your life exactly the way you want it to be.

Sharing this with others is exactly what drives me to guide yoga and share the waves with other surfer girls! I am so excited to be part of and grow the community of girl surfers. It’s not easy but with eachother I really believe we can create something special.


masseuse & Reiki therapist

Hello, I’m Catu.

I am an Holistic Therapist, and I have been working with Californian Massage and Reiki since 2018.

I am also a practitioner of Shamanism and Family Constellations. I specialize in individual and group therapy.

I am a dancer, artist, craftswoman, nature lover.

I also love the natural processes of each Human Being.
I love seeing people discover their own power and embrace their healing with strength.


surf instructor

Hi, all! My name is Xiomara, and I’m an Ecuadorian competitive surfer in Women category for SUP and Surf.

I represent Ecuador and I am national champion in both categories.

From a very young age I loved the sea and especially when I discovered the sport of surfing.

My dad was against what I liked, therefore I never had his support, but I did have it from my mother.

I am a surf and Paddle instructor in the city of Manta and Las Tunas.


yoga teacher

Hi, I’m Gaby.

I have lived in Las Tunas for eight years, I am surfer who loves the sea, nature and life in freedom, I enjoy being in connection with plants, their essences and planting in my garden. I have been a yoga practitioner for years and now I share my practice with much gratitude and love.

Surf Sisters Testimonies

Thanks to Iva for an amazing three days of surfing in Las Tunas!!! It was my second time even touching a surf board and Iva made me feel comfortable and confident the whole way. The way she is in sync with both women and the ocean is one of a kind. She also captured some great photos while surfing to make sure we had a souvenir. Iva has lots of tricks to improve your surfing to make sure you make progress daily - regardless the size of the waves. Even when I had moments feeling discouraged because the ocean is certainly more powerful than I am, Iva would be sure I re-connected with my confidence and sense of adventure again. She is also fluent in English and Spanish so communication was simple. Not to mention - I had so much FUN, and her lovely dog Rocco is a delight!!!!!!
Fue la primera vez que me subí a una tabla de surf. La experiencia fue única. Pienso que lo que hizo que me sintiera cómoda surfeando fueron varios elementos: Iva (la profe), Rocko (perrito) y Las Tunas. Todo en conjunto hizo que me sintiera relajada en un ambiente natural son presiones, sin estrés sólo diversión. Iva como profe increíble ayudándonos en todo momento y dándonos tips para mejorar en cada práctica. Rocko siempre atento cada vez que salíamos del mar y Las Tunas pues, deben ir y vivir la experiencia y sabrán que Las Tunas tiene su magia. Muchas gracias Iva, gracias a todos 🙂
J'ai connu par hasard Iva dans un petit village d'Equateur. Dès le premier cours, j'ai réussi à me tenir debout sur la planche ! Iva est professionnelle et nous avons commencé la séance par un échauffement + apprentissage des règles de sécurité, ça peut paraitre basique mais tous les profs de surf n'insistent pas forcément sur ces deux points (alors qu'ils sont primordiaux !). J'ai pris une leçon par semaine avec elle durant 5 semaines et j'ai vu mon niveau évoluer très rapidement ! Mais au delà des bénéfices apportés par l'apprentissage de ce nouveau sport, je peux dire que j'ai trouvé en Iva une amie, avec qui je partage encore un an après notre rencontre !
Iva is a wonderful surf instructor and person. I felt very comfortable and safe with her all the time. Thanks to Iva I dared to be confident in the water. Without her, my first surfing experience would not have been so great. I recommend her 100% and hope to take more lessons with her. Thank you so much for everything!
Una maravilla de profesora de surf y una excelente persona. Cogí su paquete de 15 días y fue la mejor decisión de mi vida. Todo organizado al detalle con mucho cariño. Además de surfear, me enseño distintos lugares. Una combinación de 10!!! Sin duda, repetiré seguro !! Gracias por tanto Iva!!!
Iva gave me great pointers on how to turn/angle better. I felt much comfortable with her on the water when I arrived. Thank you Iva! If you come to Ayampe/Las Tunas take a class with Iva!
It was an absolutely wonderful experience! Iva is an incredible instructor! She was very professional, attentive to each student and took the time to make sure we comfortable, safe and had fun! She was so patient with me even though it took me awhile to stand up on the board. Thank you Iva! I definitely recommend Sirenas del Surf! Excited to come again!
Thank you Iva, Sirenas del Surf so much for an amazing week, and the best start of my travels, here in Ecuador. You, for sure, made my stay in Ecuador more memorable and I can feel more secure in the country from now on. Your personal approach in the ocean made the surf lessons very improving. 🙂 Recommend Sirenas 1000000%.
Fue una de las experiencias más especiales de mi vida. La playa de Las Tunas es mágica, la comunidad muy acogedora y la comida ademas de barata deliciosa. Iva es una excelente profe! Se toma su tiempo para explicarte las cosas a detalle y ademas va a tu ritmo con las clases. Ademas de hermosos momentos te vas a convertir en parte de una comunidad que se va expandiendo por todo el mundo. Yo la verdad solo quiero volver!
Fue increíble recibir la clase de surf, me sentí muy en confianza y segura. Además la instructora es muy paciente te anima te lo explica una y otra vez hasta que lo logras. 100% recomendado
Ivana es la mejor enseñando, mucha paciencia y cariño. La experiencia fue super, realmente divertida y emocionante! ♥️🤗
Todavía puedo recordar la sensación de pararme por primera vez en la tabla. Es increíble! Gracias Sirenas del Surf por mostrarme que puedo!

Sirenas del Surf: A Surf Sisters Community

Feel welcome to become a surf sister

All this wonderful sisterhood began with the idea of ​​creating a community of women who feel like sisters. So we welcome you, because if you like surfing and have the spirit to share it with other women, you are already part of this community.

Why a Surf Sister?

Because sisters are unconditional, although they have their differences, we want you to find your soul mate, that friend you trust so much that you can consider her your sister.

When you share a passion as beautiful as surfing, the bonds with these surf sisters are quite intense and can last a lifetime. Personally, thanks to surfing I met many girls who became sisters and we talk every day.

Surf Sisters: Values and Beliefs

The aim of this surf sisters community is to be free of those bad feelings, envy, not nice competence, gossips. Let’s take those feelings and attitudes and transform it into love, trust, camaraderie, admiration, empathy, and sisterhood.

Surf for women: a wave of sisterhood

When you create this bonds there are no barriers that limit the feelings and beautiful experiences that we can live with other sisters. The language, the culture, the country means nothing if we can communicate with the language of the ocean, coexist with women and nature. A smile, the words: “wohoooo”, “good wave, sister”, “you can do it”, “this is YOUR wave!” can mark the difference in that friendship.

I can assure you, it will remain in your memories forever. Because that is the magic of surfing: there’s no words that can describe a good time in the ocean with your surf sisters.

The Founder Surf Sister: Iva Riffel

More about the surf sister behind Sirenas del Surf

Hi! This is Iva, I already introduced myself but let me tell you a bit more.

I never thought this community would grow so much.

I never thought I could live from my passion.

Like many of us, the profession I studied is not my passion: Dentistry. Haha!

I think that we are young and not so mature when it comes to choosing a profession, the best thing would be to travel the world and experience what we really like to do every day, what fills our soul.

I discovered my passion for surfing a bit late, when I was 27 years old. And after 2 years of having -more or less- intermediate level, I went on a trip to Morocco, where it all began.

A surf sister that I had just met told me: why don’t you become a surf coach?

I just laughed. But she planted that seed in me.

After about 4 years of surfing, I decided to create this community to simply share surfing with other girls. In Ecuador we are not that many and it was good to get together and surf together.

Little by little women began to ask me for surf lessons and I decided to share my knowledge with them, who were beginners or who had never surfed. And I realized that I enjoyed it a lot and that I could teach very well, and that all the women who took lessons with me came out successful surfing their wave.

Then I launched this surf travel agency and surf classes for both beginners and advanced women who want a surf guide through the different spots in Ecuador.

I wish that everyone has the feeling of riding a wave, that adrenaline, that freedom, that empowerment and that we can always surf together.



upcoming trips

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June 23rd – 30th 2024
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