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Surf, Eat, Chill, Repeat!

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Your next Surf Holidays with us

If you are craving for a nice surf spot to spend your next vacations, this is your best option!

This surf trip is designed for women that want to connect with nature, rest from the crazy world, get to know the Ecuadorian culture and food, and of course… Surfing!

surf vacation for women

Surf solitary waves

Las Tunas is a beach few frequented by people and surfers. That means you will have all the waves for your own.

This Beach break can be, depending on swells and tide times, appropriate for all levels of surfing.

The temperature of the water is quiet warm depending on the season.

In case we have a big swell, is possible to surf in other surf spots close to ours for a safe surfing.

🌊 No crowded Spot

🙌🏽 Sandy Beach break

℉ Warm water temperature

🚐 Surrounded by all levels surf spots


-Accommodation for surfers with breakfast every morning and unlimited coffee refills

-Guided gastronomic tour

-Surfboards available (ask for sizes)

-Yoga lessons

-Mystery mermaid souvenir

-Surfboard rental or bring your own!

-Beginner surf lessons

-Surf guiding for levels intermediate and advanced

-Surf trips guiding at surrounded spots

Beach walking distance house, a special place where you will feel good vibes from everyone. You’ll be treated with love and kindness.

Room options are available at the 4-bed dorms or private suites fully equipped.


We will take you to the best restaurants in the area, and you will get to know the gastronomic culture of Ecuador.

From the smallest spot with the menu of the day made by local ladies till the fanciest restaurant in town.

Do not leave without trying the classic “patacones con queso” or a “Bolon de verde” for breakfast. 


La Entrada is a charming and vivid town for its colors. The houses, hostels and shops are covered by murals and beautiful paintings.

Apart from that is a great surf spot when the swell is huge, because its waves are really flat and friendly.

Also this town is well known for “Los dulces de Benito” a coffee shop with delicious pies and cakes made by Benito. A great option to re charge after surfing.

your next surf holiday can be like this

  • Spa after surfing
  • Drinks and night out
  • Brunch and family dinners  at the house
  • Onda House Bar
  • Airport Taxi pickup (Guayaquil airport – Las Tunas)

Surf Vacation in Ecuador

What about the surf vacation’s package

At Sirenas del Surf we designed these holidays with a lot of Surfing and tours for you. In this way, you will experience this country and learn about the culture, food, traditions and learn to surf or improve your technique.

If you already know how to surf we can help you to get better or just guide you on the different surf spots in the area, since it is important to know how they work, every spot is different and the ocean can be unpredictable.

Also we will show you the right places to eat local food, some secret beaches and all the tricks to travel around Ecuador.

Surf Holiday in Ecuador

The best place to spend your holidays surfing

We count with 2 lcoations: Las Tunas and Mompiche. Both are small towns with a nice vibe and tranquility. Perfect for those that like to walk by the beach early in the morning or enjoy the sunset with a beer and surf uncrowded waves.

The prime is our location: Either Las Tunas like Mompiche are close to everything you need. You can live a simple life with vegetables and a coconut or you can go to explore in just few minutes by bus or shared taxi (yes, with local people!) or even moto taxi anywhere!

Also is close to many other surf spots and we can move between them or go for a night bar out in Ayampe or Montañita.

Surf Vacation in Ecuador: waves and weather

Which season is better for a holiday surf trip?

Ecuador is a touristic country all year round, but the nice thing is, it is not crowded.

Winter season from December until April is hot, sunny and with good waves consistently. Tropical rains during the night will make your dreams lovely and greener plants during the morning with birds singing and butterflies playing around.

Wait, because that sounds like paradise and we have more: you will able to see the little turtles borning on this season and walking to the ocean to live their lives.

The not nice thing: the mosquitos are kind of friendly in this season.

Summer (from May to November) can be considered the low season, but it depends on what you like. Yes, it’s gonna be a bit colder but not less than 66.2 F, and cloudy days. But If you like to surf early in the morning you can catch some glassy waves and see the humpback whales jumping in front of you.

You might need a short legs wetsuit of 2 mm or 3.2 if you are really chilly.

Holidays and Surf for Women

We are committed to make you feel part of this town and community. There is a nice group of women in Las Tunas that you will meet and be part of. When is the high tide, we just send a message for a surf meeting at sunset or even early morning.

We invite you to read more about our values and surf sisters community.

Surf Vacations: your local guide

Hi, there! I’m Iva, I am originally from Argentina, but I live in Ecuador since 2014. So, I know this country really well and also I learned to surf here. I am really happy to be your guide and tell you the tips and tricks about the different surf spots and places to visit.

I am in love with Ecuador and I hope you can feel the same, this is a country that really makes you feel at home away from home.

Booking a surfing holiday trip to Ecuador:

Surf Holidays Package: how much and how long can I stay?

This trip is available for 7 or 14 days approx. If you come for 2 weeks you are going to have a deep immersion in the culture and more time to surf and visit different places.

But if you are willing to relax, surf and see a bit of everything, one week is gonna be great too.

So it depends on you. If you would like to really improve your surfing and also explore Ecuador, we recommend the 2-week one.

In terms of the room you like (shared or private) the prices will vary. Also depending on the days you stay.


1-week program: from USD 800 shared / from USD 1100 private suite

2-week program: from USD 1300 shared /USD 1700 private suite


How to Apply:

1- Send us a Whatasapp message in the button below to check availability for the dates you’re planning your trip. 

2- Make your payment to confirm your booking here:

Any other questions about the Surf Vacation Pack?

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