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Surfing in Morocco: Traveling solo as a woman

It was the 2nd month of my trip, and I was in Sitges, Spain. Two months without surfing, after living by the beach is hard, so I started to look for surfing countries. And my exciting adventure of surfing in Morocco started when I confirmed my volunteering in Blue Waves.

The volunteering was in a Surf Camp called Blue Waves, where in exchange to “work” a few hours per day, I received accommodation, food, tours and surfboards.

Sounds like the perfect job. Right? And so it was.

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Surfing in Morocco: dreamy spot for women of all surf levels

Working in a Surf Camp in Morocco during the summer

I arrived to Anza in May, it was Ramadan. The warm weather of summer felt so nice in my skin, and was pretty empty because it was the end of high season.

My work didn’t feel, actually, like a job. For me it was living my dream life.

Some days I had to serve some hours at the reception, selling surf accessories from the shop, organizing the guests for the desert tours and other activities, telling everyone at what time was the surf lesson, etc. And I have plenty of time for surfing in between, after or before working hours.

Indeed, when I had my day off, I didn’t know what else to do.

Surfing extra hours? Reading more books? Sunbathing longer hours?

Everyday is day off if we do what we love.

From the idea to stay 1 month, I stayed 5 months!

Living and surfing in Morocco was one of the best experiences of my life.

Anza, the little town where this happened, is magical. Its sunsets are beautiful, the sun falls straight to the Atlantic Ocean, and you can hear by the speakers the prayers in Arabic. Maybe at first it can be strange, but I missed them already.

The sunset was my moment of meditation and gratitude.

Gratitude for life, for my travels, for being in front of the ocean and be able to surf everyday, for having such lovely Muslim ladies making jokes, and that cook so delicious, waiting for us smiling at the end of the prayer.

Anza’s surf spot is ideal whether if you are learning or you are advanced.

It has a reef point and a sandy beach break that is very friendly and easy to surf.

Especially, if you are beginner and would like to have a first surf experience in Morocco, I recommend you this spot.

Surfing in Morocco: leaving a family behind

It was mid-September and a month before I booked a flight to leave Morocco, to continue my journey over Turkey with my lovely dog, Rocco.

There were days of mixed feelings and many emotions.

I missed friends that I had met, though I continue meeting amazing people, I watched my Moroccan friends with nostalgic eyes, people from the town. When is a small town you know everyone. Arabic words that I don’t want to forget, songs that stay in my heart.

One day off while at the beach, with my feet on the sand, I wrote in my notebook:

“Today I found myself.

I found myself grateful.

I found my old self, but different. A better version.

Living day by day, the present, it feels so good.

Although sometimes, my mind keeps flying.

And I need to stop it, and tell myself it’s okey to plan a bit, but that I need to enjoy the Now.”

Morocco, Surfing and reading books: The Power of Now

At that time, I was reading a book called “The power of now”, and helped me a lot in those moments of mixed feelings and emotions, and anxiety for planning ahead the next stage of the journey.

Turkey was a country which I had no idea about.

From Anza and Bluewaves, I keep in my heart many memorable experiences and life lessons.

But above all, I have made friends, good friends, and the ones who I still talk to almost every day, in spite of that many months have passed since life introduced us.

And that’s one of the reason why I write this Blog.

Thus, you can find so good and funny friends such as I found, and on top of that, they are surfers!

And I look forward for many more to come. To me surfing between women, is the funniest thing that exists.



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