How to Surf Turtle Roll and Pass the Break Efficiently

funny cartoon of a happy turtle in the lineup after learning the surf turtle roll technique

Whether you’re cruising on a big longboard or shredding on a shortboard, the Surf Turtle-Roll technique is a game-changer for navigating through those pesky waves. When the waves are crashing and your arms feel like jelly, Turtle-Roll swoops in to save the day. First Step to Turtle-Roll Efficiently: Beat the Wave! But how? Paddling with […]

How to Choose your First Surfboard


Hi, mermaid! This post is for you if you are about to rent or buy a surfboard and you are not sure which one is the right for you. Getting a Surfboard: The Complete Guide Choosing your first surfboard properly will make a huge difference in your surfing process. It depends on many factors you […]