Fear of sharks – Fears part IV

Hi! This is the last post about fears, the fear of sharks.

This post is dedicated to my friend Romi.
She’s terrified of sharks. But she’s advanced scuba diving and surfer.
Is that even possible?

Romi surfing in Morocco
Romi diving in Brasil

So, if my friend, despite of being afraid of sharks, could do her diving course and also surfs, you can do anything.

I was a bit concerned to write about fear of sharks, because I’m not really afraid of them. I’m more afraid of a sea lion, I would say.
But we are all different and we have different fears.
So, I’ll try to be realistic and tell you what I think about sharks.

I believe that simply they have bad reputation.
Also, they are not so handsome. So they don’t make you smile like a small fish, for example.

fear of sharks
Although, look at this one, it is so friendly!

They have bad reputation because of the movies where the sharks are human-eaters.

First of all, humans are not food for sharks. Most of accidents occurred because they are hunting seals, dolphins or other fishes.

Although there are not so many, sharks grow up very slowly and they don’t have many calves, and with all the illegal fishing and ecosystem disruption, they are decreasing more and more.
The statistics of shark attacks per year are very low and rare, actually is more probable to be hit by a ray that shark attacked.
Interesting, isn’t it?


Us, the humans, we kill TENS OF MILLIONS of sharks per year. I can’t even imagine how much is tens of millions. Very sad.
The statistics registered by the year 2000, were 11 deaths for shark attacks in the world. By the year 2018 decreased to 5 deaths per year.
We are extinguishing them.

People die more often for mosquitos that transmite desases, or for rabbies from dogs. Oh, but we love dogs, right?
Is about myths and the reputation that we give to it.

Below there’s a video of me swimming with sharks on the Galapagos islands.

I thought I would panic when seeing them for the first time, but I was surprised of myself and swam behind them trying to observe them.

I am not the bravest shark trainer or something. 😅 Probably if I’m surfing and I see a shark fin, I’ll be scared. The same if I see a sea lion.
But is about being careful without panic.


Actually, when I surfed in Galapagos (I tell that story here), I was sitting on my surfboard and sea lions, turtles and many fishes passed beneath my board.
2 meters long sea lions swam with the belly up, below my board and I was a bit scared, of course. At first, I lifted my feet. 😆
Maybe they just wanted to show me their grey belly.

The surf is beautiful. The pachamama is beautiful.
As long as we respect the nature and we listen to the universe, we’ll be safe.

I thank you a lot for joining me in the last part of this horror story.
It wasn’t so terrifying, was it?
Why are there so many people that watch horror movies, if they scare them? Because is exciting and fun. Right?

That’s the feeling of overcoming your fears.
Achieve fulfillment, feel proud of yourself and, in adition, have fun in the process.

I hug you,

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