Sirenas del Surf came up as a blog and became a sisterhood of women from all around the world, with different cultures and all ages.

Why Sirenas del Surf?

Sirenas del surf in spanish means Surf Mermaids. Mermaids are mythical sea creatures, known for having a distinct beauty and also a beautiful and melodiuos singing.

In the ocean, many living creatures communicate by the sound and vibrations. The whales, for example, have their singing and they communicate thousands of kilometers away.
Due that those low frequencies are transmitted under water, they travel far, reaching huge distances.

I like the analogy of Sirenas del Surf, we are creatures able to communicate with in the language of the ocean. Creating genuine bonds with love, free of envy or competition.

No matter where you are from, what language you speak and what is your culture, I’d like to promote the fellowship, fraternity, support and fun between beautiful women that love surfing and beach life.

I want to share with you a unique and memorable experience, creating quality friendships, sisters, friends for life, with whom we may partake our passions, like surfing.

On our website you’ll find surftrips, tips, accessories, spirituality & surfing lifestyle. Explore and find what you need, it will be an experience where you’ll learn more about yourself, and will be able to benefit from your inner power, your energy, and create nice relationships.

When we become aware about the vibes we transmit and we connect with them, they soar and everything gets perfect.

Sirenas del Surf is so grateful to the ocean and Pachamama for all its treasures, that’s why we colaborate to save the planet.

Everything happens for a reason, and when we flow by the way of love, each thing we do, will follow the course in the direction that is right for us in that moment.

Big hug!

Iva. 🤍